Statement / Bio

My artistic research focuses on the permanent dialogue of the artist with their work and environment, with an emphatic reflection from the pictorial.  On the canvas, through affective scenes and visual montages, I propose a series of archaeological essays mediated by the action of confluence: a principle to indicate the incorporation of the human and the industrial in the constant modification of the environment. Represented through the capture of human labor activities, their gait and construction or configuration in/on the landscape, with the support of images (exhumed, from archive or own photographs) from a perspective of optical distortions of the painting. This seeks to be an instrument that makes possible a different look at reality, to "contemplate" it, under a diverse staging; that arises from the impulse to confront our immediate surroundings. Thus, my painting aims to be a conduit that allows generating new connections with reality through the recreation of places from painting. 

Fernanda Morales Tovar, Mexican, b. 1992. She earned her Master of Fine Art (2018-2020) and her Bachelor of Fine Art (2011-2015) in Visual Arts / Painting from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Her work has been exhibited in various museums and institutions in Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Chile,  as well as being selected in several International Art Biennials and participed in Art Fairs in Mexico and the Netherlands. She was a beneficiary of the "Young Creators" in the Painting category, Fellowship of the System of Supports for Creation and Cultural Projects, Secretariat of Culture of the Government of Mexico (2021-2022). She has taught painting courses at the Faculty of Architecture from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Her work has been published in international press, as well as her work is part of the Mexican Collection Arte Lumen.